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Theosophy and Mysticism - The Nephilim of Genesis 6

nephilim-davamenWho were the Giants, Men of Renown the bible mentions in Genesis 6, were these Nephilim true Fallen Angels, Pre-Flood Human Hybrids? This is one of the hottest topics in Biblical Theology today. This page will debunk, with Documented Evidence, this Mystic deception of biblical Human Hybrids as Fallen Angels.


Technology and Luciferian Spiritualism will be the seedbed for the New Age, complete with lying signs and wonders, and not Hybrid Nephilim in a Mystical human form. The big question for supporters of today's pre-flood Fallen Angels theory is this: If the Giants, Men of Renown mentioned in Genesis 6 were destroyed with the flood, how did they supernaturally return after the flood?


It's the Missing Link of this indoctrination and "I don't know", is no answer. Today, more than ever it is important to be a strict literalist concerning Scriptures and not follow philosophies, theologies or doctrines of men, if the scripture doesn't clearly state it, don't believe it. Scriptures have been psychoanalyzed to fit most every scenario imaginable today, changing and corrupting them.


The Nephilim Hybrids doctrine is a perfect example of how Man Made Religions seek to take the place of the Pure Scriptures. Referencing back to them, they validate their authority and dominant position over them, leaving us with 32,000 denominations today claiming the name of "Christian", of which many both validate and promote the New Age Agendas. Why go to a Religious belief system which in every case needs Validation when you can go directly to the pure scriptures, which in every case Validates itself.


Take every word literally, not adhering to the many, many opinionated Gospels of those pure scriptures and you will do well. My goal is not the condemnation of your values, only to help you to think, debunking today's Nephilim Hybrid teachings because Mysticism holds no value to a disciple of Jesus Christ. John 1:3 says: "All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made." So if Jesus didn't make it, it wasn't made and Nephilim are dead in the water, but if you're still in question, read on.


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Although Heavily Promoted, the Giants of Genesis 6 and Trans-human Hybrids

Are Not the Same, their core connections are flawed and like Evolution, the missing link cannot be validated Biblically or Scientifically. Many attempts have been made at validity, but only through Mysticism can their connection be made. Focus on Darwin's theory of evolution and today's extraterrestrial alien propaganda, then remember the words Trans-humanism, Nanotechnology and DNA. Today, Technology is the Trans-humanist 'Link' to Transform Men into gods After the Flood.


The Fallen Angels theory is the support base for this 'Link', validating the serpents words to Eve, you shall be as gods, only after the flood. Supporters of this 'Link' have, knowingly or unknowingly based their entire belief system on this lie which is Luciferian at its core. What is being fused together today is the Mystical Enoichion Biblical account of Genesis 6: 4, complete with Fallen Angels resulting in Hybrid offspring, with the Technology of Humanism through Occult Spiritualism of the ancient mystery religions, using the KJ Version of the bible for its validity. I said a mouth full, so let me explain.


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The Great Scriptural Controversy is Genesis 6:4: (Geneva Bible)

There were giants in the earth in those days; yea, and after that the sons of God (ben 'elohiym) came unto the daughters of men, and they had borne them children, these were mighty men, ('adam) which in old time were men of renown. (`owlam) 'Ben Elohiym' is the Hebrew name for sons of God, and expresses man as from God, hence man created in Gods image and Likeness, unlike Angels. 'Ben' means son of or male child. 'sons of God' (ben 'elohiym), 'men' ('adam), 'old' (`owlam). The Hebrew meaning for Angel is: 'mal'ak', Angels of God are called 'mal'ak 'elohiym'.


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So What's the Value of Linking the Nephilim Fallen Angels Theory of Genesis 6: 4

With the technologies of trans-humanism, and why would I take such a stance against it when so many people support it and promote it? Well, to understand the value of this Mysticism from a Luciferian, Humanist 'religion of man' point of view look no further than Theosophy itself as it declares the great Aryans to be the Nephilim, the avowed origin of Theosophy, the descending angels, the Giants of Genesis 6 in Blavatsky's Theosophical Secret Doctrine. My reasoning for standing against it is that it's a lie which provides Biblical validity to the Trans-humanist agenda's of today, give the devil an inch, and he'll take a mile.


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 The Phrase 'and also after that' - Fusing Enochician Mysticism into Genesis 6:4

There was no such thing as a 'comma' in the original Greek, Hebrew, or Arabic texts of the bible and although earlier English translations did include punctuation's, it wasn't till the revisions of the 1611 First Edition King James Bible that the comma in question was added to Genesis 6:4. The comma was missing from the original King James 1st addition and only the words 'also and when' were added by the translators.


Here are some images of most of the earlier translations: the 1611 First Edition KJV, the 1583 Geneva bible, the 1568 Bishops bible, the 1551 Taverner's Bible, the 1549 Tyndale Bible and page two, the 1541 Great Bible, the 1537 Thomas Matthews Bible and the 1535 Coverdale Great Bible. Notice none of these translations include the added comma, 'also or when'. There were earlier views of Nephilim being fallen angels back to just after the completion of the New Testament, possibly even centuries before by certain sects of Judaism. Then this Enochician Mysticism was adopted by a few early Christian writers around the second or third century.


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The Controversy Over the King James Translators Validity to 'Add To' the Genesis 6: 4

Will go on, but the evidence is clear, intentional or not the revisions of the 1611 King James bible propagated the inclusion of all three, 'also, when' and the added comma, transforming Men of Renown into a valid base for Mystical Human Hybrids after the flood, the foundation from which this seed of Lucifer's Fallen Angels was planted.


Ask any teacher of the Nephilim/Fallen Angels theory about their views of Genesis 6:4, it is the core of their teachings. Today, Genesis 6: 4 in the King James Bible reads like this: There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.


The Geneva Bible (1599) says: There were giants in the earth in those days: yea, and after that the sons of God came unto the daughters of men, and they had borne them children, these were mighty men, which in old time were men of renown. Those who teach the Nephilim Hybrids doctrine build their teaching on the KJV comma of Genesis 6: 4, 'and also after that,' meaning 'after the flood'.


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Concerning the Bloodline and Nobility of King James

He was just a man in the position of earthly authority and the bible did accurately exist before King James, I understand this raises hair on the necks of those who hold to the KJV as God's only authorized English bible, but with all my respect, God is no respecter of persons. James as King openly defined his desire for earthly nobility proclaiming: Kings are justly called gods for they exercise a manner or resemblance of divine power upon earth.


As far as the KJV translators being God inspired, show me scripture, otherwise they were men just like you and I and 1500+ years after the completed bible, they added the words 'also and when' to Genesis 6: 4, then KJV revisions added the comma on which this Human Hybrid Mysticism was built, hence the phrase 'and also after that,' was born.


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The Failed Logic of the Nephilim Hybrids Doctrine

If you are a Christian and you embrace the teaching that Nephilim hybrids are in the world today tell me, how many of these hybrids have you been introduced to, where does the rabbit hole end? That rabbit hole just gets deeper and wider the further into it you go. For instance, mortals are made in God's image, following this Nephilim Hybrid doctrine, if we as mortals have sex and Angels have sex then God, being the image on which we were created, has sex.


Of course God does not have sex, but you can see the failed logic. Mortals were created to procreate, God is not, and Angels were not created with the ability to choose to have sex if they so desired, if you have biblical evidence otherwise, show me. Teachers of the Hybrid/Fallen Angels theory are quick to reference Genesis 6 with Matthew 24: 37: as it was in the days of Noah, when the Fallen Angels looked upon the daughters of men, took them wives and bore them children, 'and also after that', meaning after the flood the Human Hybrids have returned, and are dominant at the return of Christ.


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It All Sounds Good, Except for the Missing Link Which Can Only Be Validated

Through Mysticism, Matthew 24:38-39 says: For as in the days before the flood, they did eat and drink, marry, and give in marriage, unto the day that Noah entered into the Ark, and knew nothing, till the flood came, and took them all away, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. The two meanings of the word giants 'nĕphiyl' and 'rapha'. Giants in Hebrew נפיל (nĕphiyl) giants, or tyrants.


The Nephilim (hebrew) e·nphilim, the ones distinguished. The meaning of Nephiyl, has nun-peh-lamed as its root, implying fallen, an evil nature, or tyrant, so in the true sense it means giants with an ungodly nature and disobedience, were terrorizing the earth and considered mighty men, not necessarily Giants in physical size, but in being 'Renowned' with 'Reputation'. Mankind lived to a ripe old age in excess of 900 years, imagine the growth of a man living such a long life span and the tyrannical power gained from being a chief for such a period of time.


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The Word Nĕphiyl is Only Used Twice, Once in Genesis Before the Flood and Numbers

Referring to the giants as the Chiefs and Lords of the day, attached to lawlessness, and ungodliness. Gen 6:4 (above) then Num 13:33 And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.


The word giant in Hebrew רפאים (rapha') giants, Rephaim. Remove from the equation, this Mystic Hybrid Nephilim doctrine attached to the comma of Genesis 6:4 and what remains from Numbers 13:33. Were these Giants/Men of Renown destroyed in the flood or do they walk the earth today as Luciferian hybrid beings, half man, half god? The history of Hybrid Nephilim is a Luciferian myth created in the character of the mysterious and Cosmopolitan Enoch, also called Enos, Hanoch, and Enoichion.


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In Greek, Enoichion Means the 'Inner Eye', in Hebrew it Means 'Seer'

And with the help of Masoretic points it means the Initiator and Instructor. This Hybrid Nephilim doctrine is born and bred in Mysticism, a Luciferian lie concealed within worldly Philosophies and teachings. Theosophy, Secret Societies, New Agers and unfortunately many Christian's have bought into this teaching and it always begins with the Nephilim Fallen Angels and the daughters of men, a rabbit hole of Mysticism that should never be entered into by a disciple of Jesus Christ.


The Book of Enoch is Not Scripture, it is Mysticism. Lucifer has many names, but Deceiver fits him best concerning the Book of Enoch Yes, it has been declared apocryphal, but what is an Apocrypha? Apocrypha comes from the [Greek] verb crypto which means 'to hide', Occult means hidden and for ages the Enoichion (the Book of the SEER) was preserved in the 'city of letters' and secret works, the ancient Kirjath-Sepher, also called Debir.


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The Book of Enoch is Not Scripture, But Quite to the Contrary

It was Built on Occult Mysticism and some of the writers interested in this Enoichion Mysticism, especially Freemasons have tried to identify Enoch with Thoth of Memphis, the Greek Hermes, and even with the Latin Mercury. Freemasonry, the Illuminati and the Knights Templar are all connected to the Nephilim Hybrids, Fallen Angels mythology through their core foundation.


The Luciferian religions practiced at the Tower of Babel, Nimrod, Semiramis and Tammuz are the same Luciferian religions practiced today within Isis, Osiris and Horus and Lucifer still reigns, not only through the mystery religions, but the Oligarchy followers of our day. The triad delusions of the Babylonian gods have remained in most all religions, a counterfeit to the true God of the bible. All the gods and goddesses of Rome, Greece, India and Egypt can be identified with the Babylonian mystery religions, learn more here.

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If your thinking any connection between Enoch and the Mystery Religions to be just a coincidence it's not, to the left, Enoch occupies the center of the astronomical cross by Freemason and Luciferian Eliphas Levi from a secret work which is a six-pointed star, the Adonai. The upper triangle is the Eagle, the left is the bull, the right the lion and in the center, the face of Enoch or Aryan, the most sacred mythological symbol.


What is the connection? it is a Gnostic, Thelemic, Qabalistic, Theosophist philosophy and consists of their practices and reasoning which are drawn from the mystery religions of old and the 'Son of Man' Enos or Enoch, represents the Secret Wisdom. Also, the Aryans of the Indian Hindu Mohenjo Daro legend has it that the first great Aryans were the Neflheim or Nephilim human Hybrids, fallen angels, in the book of Genesis 6.


These Mythological beings existed in the 'north' and in the center of their land was a well from which sprang twelve rivers. The god of this northland was Odin who was considered the greatest of sorcerers, who imparted the knowledge of his art to his favorites, Enoch is a type of a dual nature of man, spiritual and physical, mythology transformed into human form through Luciferian Spiritualism, the Hybrid Nephilim of Genesis 6:4, don't believe it.


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According to the Archaic Traditions, These Giants Belonged to the Atlantean Race.

The Celts claimed to be the Aryans, the race which succeeded the Atlanteans from the time of the flood. As individuals, they belong one and all to the same category of sacred writers, of Initiators and Recorders of Occult and ancient Wisdom. Esoterically and spiritually, Enoichion means the 'Seer of the Open Eye.'


Josephus, wrote of Enoch, namely, that he had concealed under the pillars of Mercury or Seth his precious rolls or books, the same is told of Hermes, 'the father of Wisdom' who concealed his books of Wisdom under a pillar, and then, finding the two pillars of stone, found the science written thereon.


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Final Thought's on the Veiled Luciferianism of Today

Although you can psychoanalysis the bible to fit most any scenario it is important to use a real bible, Textus Receptus (King James - Geneva) not a modern Westcott and Hort translation, who were Luciferians. The word "Nephilim or Hybrid" has played a major role in Lucifer's deception, he has created the UFO and Alien theories as well as the theories of where Aliens came from.


We must identify Lucifer's lies within the worldly Philosophies and teachings that have turned the mind of man from God to himself and we must reject any form of Mystic Knowledge or enlightenment. This Nephilim Hybrid teaching is Occult Mysticism, don't fall for it because it is literally, straight from the pits of hell. Personally, I have grown weary of hearing those who proclaim to be Christians promoting this doctrine of demons.


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A Person Can Openly Be Anything Desired Today and Claim the Name of Christian

From Freemasonry to Gnosticism to Homosexuality to Wiccan and everything in-between, there is a Christian denomination that will welcome you in. To be a disciple of Jesus Christ of Nazareth you cannot be any of them, you are set apart, in the world, but not of the world. Does God allow support of Luciferianism? No, He absolutely, positively, does not, you simply cannot serve both God and Satan, or Lucifer as described on this website.


The present New Age movement, with its distinct Druid, Magick, Luciferian worldview, is nothing but a re-emergence of the spiritualism of the ancient past, traceable to the Nephilim, fallen Angels teaching in our own day through the Mystery Religions. The Indian, Tibetan esoteric, Hindu and Buddhist religions also play a central role in the Mystic Theosophy teachings of today, and this current re-emergence of the philosophy associated with the Nephilim / Aryans / Atlanteans has no salvation value to you or anyone you meet and will only darken the hearts of those who adhere to it and accept it. Focus on Jesus Christ of Nazareth and not this New Age Aquarian Mysticism of the hybrids of Genesis 6.


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